Bare Deception (2000)
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Bare Deception
 88 min | Year: 2000 |  United States of America

Julia's match-maker radio talk show is in desperate need of a ratings boost. But just how far will they go? When a date set up on the air ends in murder and ratings begin to soar, all signs point to the show's producer, Christian. Has Julia's love life running afoul caused the murders to occur - or is it the other way around? The deception runs more than skin deep.

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Cheating Notes

Julia is in a relationship with Christian, her radio show's producer. In fact, they live together. At 31:28, she fantasizes about having sex with the cop who is assigned to the murder cases, but she fucks him only after she breaks up with Christian, on the night that the cop comes to her house to tell her that they have arrested Christian for murder (1:13:20).

Alyssa, the secretary in the radio station is in a secret relationship with Andy, Julia's assistant on the show, as we find out during the couple's dialog before they have sex at 43:04. Alyssa fucks Christian at 49:02 and at 59:47. Andy catches them during their first sex but he doesn't make his presence known and instead confronts Christian only later.

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