Hollywood’s Hidden Lives (2001)


Frank and Stephanie are rich Hollywood producers, so bored with their contemporary relationship that they take to spying on their guests via high-tech surveillance equipment. David and Madeline, on the other hand, are still struggling for their first big breaks. He’s a screenwriter and she’s an actress, which comes in handy when it comes to convincing Frank and Stephanie to let them use their guesthouse. You see, their relationship is entirely fictitious – designed to […]

Carnal Awakenings (2013)


A young couple becomes involved with a sexy new stranger in this steamy adult thriller. Steven St. Croix and Nicole Oring are a couple whose house suffers a home invasion and shooting. Afterward, the couple tries to deal with the incident that has scarred their relationship. Meanwhile another couple is their neighbors (Reena Sky and Kevin Patrick), and all four characters are inextricably linked with St. Croix unaware of Oring’s connection to Patrick. The shooting […]