Between Us (Short) (2003) aka Mellem os
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 35 min | Year: 2003 |  Denmark

A modern-day love drama that takes place one night, in one apartment with four people. The young writer Adam invites his beloved girlfriend, his successful big brother and his brother's beautiful wife for dinner. They're having a good time. But there's a special occasion for the invitation. Adam has a suspicion that his closest family is keeping a secret. To reveal it, he has prepared a special plan for the night; - a sexy and highly untraditional 'rescue plan', which fails to such an extreme that all four of them are forced into the most revealing, absurd, and heartbreaking situation...

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Cheating Notes

Adam invites his older brother and his brother's wife to have dinner with him and his girlfriend. During dinner, he tells them that he knows that his brother had fucked his girlfriend (he followed them to their hotel room that day and saw them fucking from the balcony). To get things even and save the relationship among the four of them, he tells them that he is going to fuck his brother's wife that night. His plan is just to bluff, but his brother's wife tells him that they should fuck for real.

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Original / Other Title:  Mellem os

 Director:  Laurits Munch-Petersen

Genres: Drama

Country:   Denmark
Language:  Danish
Release Date:  14 June 2003

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