Chaleurs (1971)
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 90 min | Year: 1971 |  France

A coming of age story; Philippe, a photography enthusiast, spends a holiday in the country estate of his uncle and his aunt Nadia. She gives a camera to him, which he uses to take pictures of her in very imminent moments. Phillipe's lust for his aunt has driven him to put a scheme together to use the French maid Chantal to lure his uncle's attention away from Nadia to Chantal. Phillipe, spying through keyholes, taking pictures of the unaware Nadia while dressing, convincing Chantal to pose nude for him, and using the pictures to spark his uncle's interest, finally comes to a climax. His plot works and he wins his prize!!.

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Cheating Notes

Phillipe's lust for his uncle's wife has driven him to put a scheme together to use the household's French maid to lure his uncle's attention away from his wife. His plan eventually works and his aunt-by-marriage even personally witnesses her husband's tryst with the maid. So at the endmost part of the film, Phillipe's aunt finally has sex with him.

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Original / Other Title:  Chaleurs, S for Sex, Summer Heat

 Director:  Daniel Daërt

Genres: Drama

Country:   France
Language:  French
Release Date:  21 April 1971

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