Confessions of a Lap Dancer (1997)
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R  97 min | Year: 1997 |  United States of America

Erica is a single mother with a boyfriend who works a stripper, and sometimes as a prostitute to support her daughter. But when the threat of losing parental rights to her child looms, Erica tries to escape from the dark world of the sex industry, but it turns out to be not so easy to do.

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Cheating Notes

Although Erica's boyfriend knows that she is working as a stripper, he doesn't know that she is also prostituting herself. We see her fuck several clients even in the first 20 minutes of the film, and a few more after that. Her boyfriend punches the asshole client of hers who reveals to him that she's a whore. Her sex scenes are sexy, whether with her clients or with her boyfriend.

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