Insatiable Obsession (2006)


Originally known as the working title “Ghost House” this is one very rare gem. Insatiable Obsession (2006) starts with a writer having writer’s block. His wife, Amy Lindsay, suggests that they rent a house with the hope it will cause inspiration. It does. It is not really clear if the story that unfolds is supposed to be true, or a product of his imagination. The house once was a brothel run by Monique Parent. Supposedly, […]

Carnal Wishes (2015)


When Rachel suspects Eric of cheating, her best friend Daphne refers her to Chase, a private detective. Chase’s investigation concludes that Eric is not having an affair. But when Eric finds out that Rachel had him investigated, he gets pissed and gets into a nasty argument with her. This sends Rachel to the arms of Chase for, you know, emotional and other kinds of support.