Married Women Who Want a Taste (2003)

March 18, 2023

A young high school teacher who has retired for marriage seduces one of her former students. She prolongs the relationship by seeing the student whenever her husband leaves for work. Eventually, she hides the student in a bedroom closet for more convenient access.

Blooming Early (1976)


A girl sees her brother masturbating one day. She asks her friend (who has a boyfriend) to have sex with her brother. Her friend asks her to spread it for her older brother in exchange. It is a deal and the four go on a hike.

Affair of Housewife Reiko (2012)

March 8, 2023

Reiko is sexually frustrated because her husband is obsessed with an idol that looks like her and he always makes her pretend that she is that idol during sex. Reiko tells Hiroaki’s friend Taniguchi about this and he offers to become her sex friend to release all her pent-up frustrations.

Zigeunerweisen (1980)


The story involves two friends, a professor and a vagabond, and their relationships with their wives, as well as a geisha they once met on a vacation. The vagabond, whose wife looks identical to the geisha, doesn’t stay faithful, or even at home. He has sex with the professor’s wife, but then due to the surreal nature of the film, it might be the professor who actually has sex with the vagabond’s wife.