A Tender Place

A Tender Place (2001)

January 20, 2022

Kasumi is in the midst of an affair with Ishiyama, one of her husband’s clients. When Kasumi and her family visit Ishiyama’s villa in Hokkaido, she plans to abandon them to be with Ishiyama. The next morning, her daughter Yuka disappears, which throws Kasumi’s life into turmoil. Years later, Yuka remains missing, and Kasumi journeys back to Hokkaido with Utsumi, a terminally-ill former detective, and tries to follow any leads she can. The story of […]

Tender Is the Heart (2001)


A doctor’s fiancee cheats on him with some random guy in a bar’s toilet room when he botches her medical operation. Plus, a chick denies the doctor sex on their first date because she thinks he’s a long-term catch and doesn’t want him to think of her as a bimbo. And what did she do right after? Like a bimbo, she has a threesome with the doctor’s best friend and his date.