Aimless (2013)

January 24, 2023

Leaving their village to earn a living in the big city, married couple Tham and Quy’s relationship soon suffers in the face of impoverished conditions. Depressed Tham falls for the charms of Thuat, an urbane and sophisticated man.

Betrayed Friends (aka Verratene Freunde)


(Google Translated) Entrepreneur Peter Staude has invited headmaster Andreas Rogel, longtime friend of his wife Christa, as well as his wife Heike to dinner. Heike, who works as a doctor, and Peter have a secret affair for half a year and Christa suspects that her husband is a stranger. She throws this to Peter while eating and goes to her room. Heike and Andreas are embarrassed by the situation and Andreas wants to find out […]

Martin a Venuše


A young artist Vendula meets and marries Martin, a toy designer. They start a family, and have twin girls and a baby boy. Martin is busy building his career while Vendula takes care of the family. In their hectic schedules Martin has no time left for the family, while Vendula is no longer able to create her own identity, and both feel that their efforts are not appreciated by their partner. Martin believes that taking […]