Erotic Confessions: Pleasure (1995)
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NR  84 min | Year: 1995 |  United States of America

In five provocative experiences PLEASURE will take you on a voyeuristic journey beyond all limits into the secret sensual fantasies and desires of one's mind, body and soul: GAMES PEOPLE PLAY; CHALK IT UP; THE BUSINESS TRIP; LAP DANCE; MADELYN'S LAUNDRY

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Cheating Notes

Games People Play

Three couples gather for some fun and games with more at stake than just money as they learn how Games People Play have consequences and rewards.

At the end of the card game, only two couples remain in the living room as the third couple goes inside their bedroom because the guy is no fun. Among the two couples, the couple with the Asian chick and black guy has sex in front of the other couple as a dare, but the black dude falls asleep in the middle of it. The Asian chick ends up having a threesome with the other couple (lesbian sex with the female first), technically cheating on her black boyfriend since he didn't give her consent.

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Chalk It Up

A game of pool acts as a contest of wills between a husband and wife in an erotic game of one up.

The husband makes her wife give the black waiter a lap dance when she loses to him at their pool game.

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The Business Trip

A scientist learns about the advantages of hotel visits and out-of-town conferences when she meets a fun-loving couple in the room next door.

The scientist (Monique Parent) gets seduced by the married couple next door and has a threesome with them.

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Original / Other Title:  Erotic Confessions: Pleasure, Erotic Confessions Vol. 4 / Volume IV

 Director:  Peter Gathings Bunche

Genres: Drama

Language:  English
Release Date:  1 January 1995

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