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 74 min | Year: 1987 |  Japan

A gambler uses his wife and daughter as collateral for a loan. When he is unable to pay back the loan, his wife and daughter are kidnapped by the Yakuza gang that lent him the money. From this moment on, the women have to endure endless sexual abuse and torture by the ruthless gangsters. But in the end, both mother and daughter begin liking the sexual things that are done to them and they have sex with each other without anyone really forcing them to. The gambler returns from a business trip, unaware of his wife and daughter's ordeal. He meets some businessmen and presents them with two tied and masked women for their sexual amusement, not knowing that they are his wife and daughter. He begins fucking one of them and slowly removes her mask...

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Original / Other Title:  Hana to hebi: kyûkyoku nawa chôkyô

 Director:  Masayuki Asao

Genres: Thriller, Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  5 December 1987

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