Hayop sa sarap (1984)
3.8 (5)

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 104 min | Year: 1984 |  Philippines

A story of a family that becomes broken when the mother starts an affair with her boss. Their father gets paralyzed and their mother leaves them so their two daughters become strip dancers and later prostitutes to earn a living. When their father eventually dies, the daughters will cross paths with their mother again when one of them becomes the girlfriend of their mother's stepson.

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Cheating Notes

The mother has an affair with her boss but we don't see any sex scenes between them. Her two daughters are the ones who provide the sex scenes and nudity in the movie, first, when they become prostitutes (after becoming strip dancers first) and fuck a bearded client successively (it's their first time so they cry in some parts), and second, when two rich kids become their boyfriends later and they fuck them on the beach.

The mother remarries after her husband dies and apparently, her new stepson is the boyfriend of Alma, one of her daughters. So when Alma's boyfriend introduces her to them, she is shocked and runs away. But after that, Alma tries to seduce her boyfriend's father for revenge by telling him to come to a hotel room. She strips naked in front of him, telling him to take her, but unfortunately, her boyfriend's father doesn't give in to her seduction.

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 Director:  Artemio Marquez

Genres: Drama

Country:   Philippines
Language:  Filipino
Release Date:  26 October 1984

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