In den Tag hinein (2001) aka The Days Between
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 118 min | Year: 2001 |  Germany

Lynn is a cheerful 22-year-old who works at a cafe and lives with her brother. Though she has no real direction in life, she is happy. Conversely, her boyfriend, David, is a career-driven swimmer who seems to care only about his training. Then Lynn meets Japanese exchange student Koji, and, though they speak different languages and spend most of their time together in silence, the two soon become closer than she and David had ever been.

Lynn (22) lives with her brother in Berlin. There she enjoys the advantages of family life, without really feeling involved in it. She does not have any precise aim in life, but manages to awaken the interest of many people with her direct and spontaneous character. Her boyfriend David is very different: he is entirely engrossed in his very disciplined swimming training for the world championships. David does not intend to allow himself to be distracted by the complicating factors of a relationship with Lynn. When Lynn, working behind the till of restaurant, meets the Japanese student Koji, everything gets more complicated. They can't exchange many words, but it is soon clear that their moments together mean a lot to both of them.

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Cheating Notes

19:38 - Lynn swims with her boyfriend Daved in the pool naked.
23:44 - Lynn and David have sex.
1:07:12 - Lynn kisses Japanese student Koji in the bathroom while she's in the bathtub naked. They've been hanging out a lot before this.
1:27:14 - Lynn and Koji kiss in a photo booth.
1:42:39 - Lynn and Koji kiss on a train.
1:47:31 - Lynn and Koji fuck.

Original / Other Title:  In den Tag hinein, The Days Between

 Director:  Maria Speth

Genres: Drama

Country:   Germany
Language:  German
Release Date:  1 August 2001

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