Love Lesson (2013)
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Love Lesson
 80 min | Year: 2013 |  South Korea

Every song needs inspiration.

Korea's most popular song writer Hee-soo runs into a nineteen-year-old boy in the elevator. Hee-soo is inspired by a new song watching him shake at her figure. She starts to tell him about women under the excuse that she's teaching him music. They fall for each other but things get complicated when her life teacher, Joon-ho who taught her about life and music comes back.

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Cheating Notes

Hee-soo, a songwriter, is having a sexual relationship with a guy in her music studio. It might be non-commital, and he even flirts with a female talent in front of her, but they have some dialog where he kinda shows his jealousy and seems to want more from her in regards to their relationship.

A nineteen-year-old male neighbor starts fantasizing about Hee-soo when he sees her making out with the studio guy in the elevator of their residential building and when he attends her talk at his school. She starts a sexual affair with him, which begins at 38:01 when she seduces him inside her apartment. They have sex several times in the movie. The young guy also has a girlfriend his age.

At 1:01:23, Hee-soo's ex-boyfriend visits her at her place and initially forces himself on her. She gives in and they fuck. The nineteen-year-old student enters her place and sees them fucking. He runs away and cries and shouts beside a river.

Hee-soo is played by Kim Sun-young, who also played the cheating wife in the excellent Female War: A Nasty Deal (2015).

Original / Other Title:  화려한 외출

 Director:  Ko Kyeong-Ah

Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  5 December 2013

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