Lady in Waiting (1994)
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Lady in Waiting
 84 min | Year: 1994 |  United States of America

A divorced cop investigating the sadistic murders of high-class prostitutes discovers that the prime suspect is his ex-wife's new husband. He tries to warn her about him, but she treats his suspicions as jealousy concerning her impending move, with their son, to another city.

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Cheating Notes

The cop saves Lori (Shannon Whirry) from getting beaten up by her boyfriend at a restaurant (13:09). He makes out and pets heavily with her in her car that night and has sex with her a few times later in the movie.

The cop tries to be intimate with his ex-wife (who now has a new husband) and tries to kiss her at 34:10, but she rejects him and moves away before he can kiss her because he is talking to her about their son and he is being a dick about it.

One night, the cop goes to Lori's house and sees her having sex with her boyfriend in the shower (49:10).

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