Trio (1997)

December 8, 2023

Ahn is a suicidal saxophonist, Mun is violent simpleton with an I.Q. of 80 and Maria is single mother with dreams of becoming a nun. Ahn has tried numerous times to kill himself but nothing ever works. When he witnesses his wife’s infidelity, it is the last straw.

Young Wife (2020)


Seung-Ha is not satisfied with her husband sexually. She’s secretly enjoying affairs with other men. She even had sex with her brother-in-law Dong-jun once. Meanwhile, Dong-jun suffers from guilt after having sex with his younger brother’s wife while currently living at their house. Dong-jun hooks up with an ex-girlfriend to remove Seung-ah from her head. But when he comes back home, he finds Seung-ha about to have sex with their neighbor. Seung-ha comes to his bedroom later, apologizing for what he saw, but then she also starts seducing him…