Last Erotic Train
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Last Erotic Train
 75 min | Year: 2008 |  Japan

In a crowded train compartment, Misa felt somebody is touching her body, in a sexually harassing way. A man stood out pointing to Yoshi, “Hey, stop it! You sex maniac!”. Misa lets Yoshi get arrested but she's not sure if he really did it. However, she could not forget Yoshi until she met him again one day and began to change her feeling towards the suspect. Meanwhile, Yoshi's wife, Takako, tried to prove to herself her trust towards her husband Yoshi, after he became a suspect of a sexual harassment case. She left home and started to investigate the mind of train sex maniacs, even to risk her body...until she met the mysterious psychiatrist...

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Cheating Notes

Yoshi gets wrongly accused of groping a woman on the train. Takako, his wife, lets herself get groped on the train so that she can understand why Takako did it or if the accusation against him is even true at all. She asks her groper, a bald guy, what compels him to grope women on trains. When he doesn't want to answer, she tells him that she will do anything he wants if he can answer her. The groper wants to fuck our hot wife, of course, so he brings her to a hotel room and fucks her hard. However, he doesn't give her an answer to her question and just leaves her after they had sex.

So Takako goes to the psychiatrist (who is also a groper) next  to get her answers, and also for consolation. The psychiatrist fucks her. He also tells her to grope him on a train, telling her that she can learn from the experience. When she does, he calls her out, announcing to the passengers that he caught a female groper. Takako's husband is there to save her and together with Misa, he turns the table on the psychiatrist and declares him as the real 'chikan' who groped Misa earlier.

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Original / Other Title:  最終痴漢電車

 Director:  Minoru Kunizawa

Genres: Pinku

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  6 February 2008

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