Love for an Idiot (1967)
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Love for an Idiot
 92 min | Year: 1967 |  Japan

A middle-aged businessman takes in an orphan girl with the intention of raising her to be a proper lady who might eventually become his wife. But it is the girl who gains control. she takes advantage of her sugar-daddy's doting to get whatever she wants, coquettishly playing on his less than honorable intentions. She begins having trysts with her male classmates from school and even brings them home to have sex with. After years of being cuckolded, the middle-aged businessman is still her slave.

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Cheating Notes

Original / Other Title:  痴人の愛, Chijin no ai

 Director:  Yasuzō Masumura

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  29 July 1967

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