My Wife and Friends (2020)
3.5 (2)

My Wife and Friends
 69 min | Year: 2020 |  South Korea

My sex life with my husband is dry these days!

Myeong-ho works out at the gym with Yeong-seok and Dong-soo. Myeong-ho's wife, Hyang-yi, and divorcee Soo-hee also go to the same gym. Myeong-ho has been watching Soo-hee work out and approaches her under the excuse of helping her. Meanwhile, Yeong-seok and Dong-soo steal glimpses of Myeong-ho's wife with dirty thoughts in their minds...

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Cheating Notes

The husband, a gym instructor, lets his wife drink with his two co-workers so that he can fuck his wife's friend at the gym. The wife gets drunk and the two guys take advantage of her, fingering her while she is semi-unconscious, etc. In the end, the husband confronts his two buddies while his wife is unconscious on the couch. But when he starts pestering her by trying to wake her up violently, she gets up instantly, like she was just pretending to be pissed drunk and may have been fully conscious all along while her husband's two buddies were molesting her earlier.

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Original / Other Title:  아내와 내 친구들

 Director:  Choi Jae-hoo

Genres: Romance

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  17 January 2020

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