No More Easy Life (1979)
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 112 min | Year: 1979 |  Japan

A wistful slice-of-life drama about a college student's attempts to manage her relations with two men.

Mariko is living the life of a typical Japanese college student in the 70's, spending far more of her time balancing boyfriends and part-time jobs than on her schoolwork. She finds herself torn between a former boyfriend who's the tough, insensitive-but-sexy, type, and a new boyfriend who's more sensitive to her feelings, but who still acts childishly selfish at times. Will she choose one of them, or decide to go her own way?

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Cheating Notes

Mariko had been living with Tsuneo for one year when he left without a word. Six months after he left, she now has a new boyfriend, Hashimoto. We see her have sex with him at the beginning of the film.

At 52:55, Tsuneo shows up at Mariko's place while she is sleeping beside Hashimoto. Mariko comes with Tsuneo to a bar despite Hashimoto's protestation. When they get back, a little physical altercation happens between the two men. After Tsuneo leaves, Hashimoto forces himself on Mariko to assert that he is still hers.

Hashimoto goes on a trip somewhere and tells Mariko at the train station not to see Tsuneo while he's gone. Mariko, of course, doesn't listen to him, or else this movie wouldn't be listed on this site. She calls Tsuneo and meets and fucks him in a hotel room (1:09:50).

Mariko gets pregnant and she tells Tsuneo that he's the father.

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Original / Other Title:  もう頬づえはつかない

 Director:  Yōichi Higashi

Genres: Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  25 December 1979

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