Oh My Love (2014)
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 67 min | Year: 2014 |  Thailand

Alex, the photographer, is banging two of his three photo models, namely, Nuna and Ket. San, the third model, has a boyfriend whom she loves so she is out of Alex's reach. Nuna falls in love with Alex but she suddenly dies, but her soul remains in this world and is still longing for Alex's touch. She then possesses San and uses her body to seduce Alex and make love to him. This doesn't sit too well with San's boyfriend, especially when he catches them in the act of making love. The three of them go to a witch doctor to exorcise Nuna from San's body and hopefully let her pass peacefully to the other side.

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Cheating Notes

A model who just died possesses the body of another model so that she can make love once again to the photographer whom she fell for. Trouble is, the other model has a boyfriend, who catches her and the photographer in the act.

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Original / Other Title:  พี่ขาช่วยที


Genres: Drama

Country:   Thailand
Language:  Thai
Release Date:  1 January 2014

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