This World, Then the Fireworks (1997)
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R  100 min | Year: 1997 |  United States of America

Meet Marty and Carol. Two people who are very good at being bad.

Marty Lakewood is a reporter forced to leave Chicago and his family because he had uncovered too much police corruption. He returns to his small hometown on the California coast to his ailing mother and prostitute twin sister, with whom he had an incestuous affair. Being short of money, he seduces a woman cop in order to sell her house.

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Cheating Notes

At the beginning of the film, Marty (Billy Zane), recalls an event that happened during his and his twin sister's (Gina Gershon) fourth birthday. While the two of them and their mom were celebrating their birthday at their house, their dad was fucking the neighbor's wife across the street. The wife's husband, who was a cop, came home and caught them in the act. The twins and their mom rushed to their neighbor's house to witness a shooting between the head of their family and the cop.

At 26:00, Marty seduces a female cop (Sheryl Lee) in a park in front of a government building. It continues inside her car. She is resistant to his advance initially, but at the end of it, she gets so horny that she runs after him after he gets out of her car, presses him against a wall like a cop arresting a person, turns him around, tells him to come home with her or she'll fuck him right there in public, and then she starts kissing him. They then go to her place in the outskirts and fuck in her bedroom.

There's a picture of a marine on the lady cop's nightstand beside her bed. She says that it's her brother who is currently on a tour of duty and they own the house jointly so he also lives there. She and Marty will be lovers for the rest of the movie and will fuck again a few times.

Carol, Marty's twin sister, has already left her husband and is currently working as a hooker, but it seems that she didn't have a formal divorce with him, as certain characters in the movie, a private dick and a cop,  specifically, still call her Mrs. Carol Lakewood Morton, with Morton being the last name of her husband. We see her fuck a client at 1:03:07. They do it on the floor and she is on top of him but she didn't take her clothes off.

(Spoilers!) At the end of the movie, the marine who is supposed to be the lady cop's brother comes home and finds her and Marty in bed (not fucking). He and Marty have a gunfight (just like what happened with Marty's dad and the neighbor's husband at the beginning of the film). Marty wins the fight and shoots the marine dead. He inspects his wallet and finds a wedding photo of him and the lady cop!

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