Un grande amore (1995) aka A Great Love
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Un grande amore
 82 min | Year: 1995 |  Italy

When two couples vacationing at an exclusive spa find themselves sharing adjoining suites with only one bathroom, we set up a scenario with many possibilities. Joe and his wife Fay are taking a vacation to help Joe overcome the stress of his business, which is compounded by the fact that the sexual demands of Fay have made him practically impotent. Nick and Lucy have the opposite problem compounded by the fact that Lucy is insanely jealous and sees every woman as a possible rival. If that isn’t enough, the arrival of newly-weds Lou and Rose, winners of á one-week vacation at the spa for their honeymoon, is complicated by the fact that, through a computer error, they are booked into two separate single rooms. Somehow, their attempts to consummate their marriage set them on a collision course with the other two couples. A major tragedy is finally averted when a couple of Swedish swingers, Ole and Inge, save the day with their wisdom and open-life style.

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Cheating Notes

Newlyweds Lou and Rose are booked into two separate single rooms due to an error. Lou mistakes Rose's roommate for her and fucks her, while Rose mistakes Lou's roommate for him and fucks him (41:06). Rose is riding the guy hard on the second level of the bunk bed when the light turns on and she looks at him and realizes that he is not her husband (45:30).

At the end part, the three couples swap partners in a single session in one room. They are being instructed what to do by the swinging wife in a video. After that, the swinging wife and her husband who is the one recording her, have a threesome with a guy.

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 Director:  Ninì Grassia

Genres: Drama

Country:   Italy
Language:  Italian
Release Date:  1 January 1995

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