Once Upon a Time Veronica (2012)
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 91 min | Year: 2012 |  Brazil France

Veronica, a young woman, lives in Recife, one of the most violent cities in Brazil. Her life is filled with fleeting love affairs and passing romances. As her father feels his death approaching, he asks a favor: that she finds true love before he passes away.

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Cheating Notes

At 49:54, Veronica asks Gustavo to be her boyfriend, not really because she loves him, but so that her father would be pleased. She has casual hookups with guys (or at least two guys, including Gustavo) but Gustavo is the only one she has sex with more than once and the only one who tells her "I love you."

At 1:17:30, Veronica, Gustavo, and a couple of her friends attend a street festival. Gustavo seems to have noticed Veronic flirting with a tall guy and removes himself from the festival. Veronica then makes out with the guy and lets him suck her tit.  She could also have been impliedly fucked by the guy against a wall in this scene but I'm not so sure.

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Original / Other Title:  Era uma vez eu, Verônica

 Director:  Marcelo Gomes

Genres: Drama

Country:   Brazil France
Language:  Portuguese
Release Date:  9 September 2012

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