Other Men’s Wives (1996)
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 84 min | Year: 1996 |  United States of America

Eddie writes children's books for a living. and he's very successful at it , but he's obsessed with women, and so little time is life's dilemma for him. Needless to say this leads to numerous close calls with jealous husbands and tight squeezes with flirtatious, unsatisfied wives.

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Cheating Notes

The scene at the beginning of the film where Denise, the first 'cheating' wife, has a sexual encounter with Eddie in the greenhouse is awesome already. She nails flirting and teasing to a tee. Listen to her flirty dialog with Eddie 'coz it adds to the eroticism. Apparently, her husband is there, secretly spying on them from the roof. He knows all about it and likes to watch his wife fuck other men. Based on the dialog, Denise and Eddie have fucked in other public places before.

Then there's Jolene, who flirted with Eddie at an outdoor cafe even if she's with her cop husband. A few days later she comes alone to the cafe and fucks Eddie inside the restroom. Her husband has put a fellow cop to tail her, though, and tries to blackmail Eddie with it later.

Eddie also fucks Vanessa, a girlfriend of the owner of the bar that she's bartending at. They do it at the back of the bar. The thug bar owner catches them, points a gun at Eddie, makes him kneel and beg, etc., and then reveals to him that the gun is fake.

Eddie starts seriously dating a paramedic. Because of this, he rejects Jolene's next advance towards him. He also stops calling Denise, which worries her husband, because he says that Eddie is the best he has seen among those who fucked her. He says that she shouldn't lose him so Denise comes to Eddie's place to seduce him. Eddie rejects her initially, but she starts crying and tells him that she fell in love with him, so Eddie gets touched and starts fucking her.

While Eddie and Denise are in the middle of their lovemaking, she suddenly gets off him and leaves him hanging. And her attitude also suddenly changes, meaning she was just pretending in being emotional earlier and that falling in love with him is a lie. With a mischievous, seductive smile, she tells him that she already got what she wanted and that there will be next time for him to finish. She says that he just wants everything his way and she's putting a stop to that. She says she wants to punish him, lock him up and feed him to give him just enough strength to fuck her. Now she says this erotically. Normally, Eddie should find this really, really hot, but he gets scared instead.


I like the fucked-up ending (fucked-up for Eddie, at least). If you want a hint as to what's that, look at the last few sentences above.

I also like the grunge songs in the soundtrack. It says in the credits that those are mostly from a band called Itchin Desire. I looked them up on the Internet and came up with nothing :(.

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