Plagio (1969)

 88 min | Year: 1969 |  Italy

During the student movement in Bologna, Italy. 1968. Angela and Massimo are friends, lovers and college students. They get to know Guido, the heir of a wealthy family who has never known love pure. Impressed by the feeling that binds the two lovers, Guido invites them to move into his house. Soon, in a series of betrayals, confessions, departures and returns, it will create a conscious threesome bound to result in tragedy.

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Cheating Notes

31:47 Angela kisses Guido in his apartment. She just talked to her boyfriend Massimo on the phone. He is out of town, studying somewhere.

35:10 Angela and Massimo have sex in Guido's apartment. Guido arrives, informing Massimo that his train is about to leave. Massimo leaves Angela with Guido to catch his train. Since they just had sex, she's wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her. What is Guido supposed to do with that situation? Why, fuck her, of course. Massimo doesn't catch his train, comes back to the apartment, and catches Angela and Guido together in bed. He cries and runs.

1:05:53 The three have a threesome at Guido's mansion.

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