Prostitutes in the Years Past: Broken Dreams in the Red Tower – Dong Shiao Wen (1995)
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 108 min | Year: 1995 |  Taiwan

Shiao Wen is a classy prostitute. She hasn't even taken any client yet, and men line up for her, wooing her to be their wife or one of their wives. One of them is the rich and proud Dou. Naturally, his pride gets hurt when Shiao Wen rejects him and vows to take her by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Shiao Wen's eyes are set only on the renegade Mount, who also happens to be Dou's friend. He is the guy she wants to marry, but with her aunt (who is the madam brothel) conspiring with Dou, she gets duped and is forced to become one of Dou's wives (or concubines). Will the love between her and Mount ever be given a chance?

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Cheating Notes

Shiao Wen has sex with Mount (56:27), the man she loves, and they become engaged. However, her aunt, who is rooting for the rich Dou, gives her some aphrodisiac drugs. This makes her have sex with Dou in a consensual manner (1:08:08). She cries when she realizes it upon waking up in the morning.

Dou then forces Shiao Wen to be one of his wives (or concubines), since he already fucked her anyway. When she doesn't want to give in completely, Dou whips her, which makes her fully compliant and at 1:12:44, she has a threesome with him and his main wife without resisting (and she seems to be pro-active and also enjoying it).

Mount visits Dou's house to try to take back Shiao Wen. What Dou does is to start fucking Shiao Wen behind a curtain in the same room where his main wife is entertaining Mount (1:19:11). Mount doesn't realize that it's Shiao Wen that Dou is fucking behind the curtain. Under Dou's orders, his main wife secretly puts some aphrodisiac drug into Mount's tea, which makes him horny and think that Dou's main wife is Shiao Wen, so he also starts fucking her. Dou then brings Shiao Wen outside of the curtain and beside Mount, who is still banging Dou's main wife from behind. Dou is shocked when he finds out that it's Shiao Wen whom Dou was fucking.

Watch Movie Online (Cut. Some sex scenes are shortened. With English subtitles.)

Original / Other Title:  历代名妓:红楼残梦之董小宛

 Director:  Mu-Chi Chiu

Genres: History, Drama, Romance

Country:   Taiwan
Language:  Mandarin
Release Date:  16 June 1995

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