Restart (Short) (2019)
4 (8)

 20 min | Year: 2019 |  Poland

Janek is a young medical intern who struggles with financial problems and doubts about his future. Although he has been working so hard, the day before his promotion he makes a risky decision that may change his life forever. For a handsome fee, he takes the offer of his fellow intern to administer some prohibited drug called 'Restart' to a drunk client to make him recover quickly. He comes to the client's house and gives him the shot, consequently meeting his unhappy wife.

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Cheating Notes

The intern comes to the drunk client's house to give him a shot of a drug called 'Restart'. Its purpose is to make the client recover fast for the day, as he still has a meeting to attend. The client's wife takes an interest in the intern. A few days later, she calls him and tells him to come back to her house, pretending that her husband needs the shot, but he isn't actually home. Needless to say, she and the intern fuck.

 Director:  Julian Talandziewicz

Genres: Short, Drama

Country:   Poland
Language:  Polish
Release Date:  18 September 2019

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