Scandal: Body of Love (2000)
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 83 min | Year: 2000 |  United States of America

Steven, a young, handsome, and rich district attorney, marries Jane, a former prostitute. During the couple's lovemaking, the happy husband dies and his wife is accused of murder. The wife's lawyer, Tom ably proves that she is not to blame and the case is closed. But everything is so simple that Tom begins thinking: was it really what it seemed? Are there terrible secrets behind this apparent simplicity?

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Cheating Notes

25:41 Tom finds photos of Jane having sex with several men, suggesting that she may be having affairs when her second husband was still alive. It's not conclusive because those pictures could have been taken before their marriage.

42:10 Karen comes over to Jane's place and tells her to stop seeing Tom, her boyfriend. Jane seduces her and they have lesbian sex. Cops come, Jane gets arrested, and Tom is informed of his girlfriend's infidelity.

57:35 Tom gets his hand on a videotape of Jane talking about the killing of her first husband to her lover and then having sex with that lover. This confirms that Jane was indeed cheating on at least her first husband.

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