Sister Sister (2019)
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Sister Sister
 104 min | Year: 2019 |  Vietnam

It's all lies, honey!

Glamorous Kim runs a live radio show where she interviews people in traumatic, often abusive situations. At home, Kim’s marriage with husband Huy is strained following Kim recently miscarrying. A common caller to Kim’s show is Nhi Em Gai. Nhi is 3 months pregnant and being abused. After saving her from a suicide attempt, Kim welcomes Nhi into her home. The women’s relationship develops quickly, culminating in a lesbian affair and then a serious accident. The perspective then shifts to Nhi and Huy’s point of view. We see how much of a role Huy played in the events of the first act.

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Cheating Notes

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The wife and the female caller's main cheating scenes are at 47:35 (kissing) and at 51:05 (sex, and they are caught in the act by her husband, strategic nudity only). These scenes will be shown in different angles or with added shots later in the film. Also, the husband has cheating scenes of his own in the second half of the film.

Original / Other Title:  Chị Chị Em Em

 Director:  Kathy Uyen

Genres: Thriller, Drama, Romance

Country:   Vietnam
Language:  Tiếng Việt
Release Date:  18 December 2019

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