Split Night (1998)
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 60 min | Year: 1998 |  Taiwan

A murder after an affair revealed a scandal of collusion between politicians and the underworld. In the play, Li Wenjie is a close confidant of the current Speaker, who engages in illegal business for profit. Later, due to Wenjie's evil intentions, he was killed. The speaker found out and bribed the killer Ren Zhongqiang to kill him. When Ren Zhongqiang was about to fulfill his mission, he discovered that Wenjie Yi had been killed. At this time, Wenjie's girlfriend Simin appeared and mistakenly thought that Qiang was the murderer...

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Cheating Notes

At 27:42, the corporate boss catches his girlfriend/secretary and a subordinate fucking in the office.




Original / Other Title:  惊爆激情夜

 Director:  Chen Li

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country:   Taiwan
Language:  Mandarin
Release Date:  7 July 1998

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