Tandem (1994)
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 60 min | Year: 1994 |  Japan

The story of two men, one middle aged one mid twenties, who make friends and exchange cigarettes and stories of their sex lives in a cafe, unaware that they have unwittingly exchanged partners. The story, told in flashbacks, as the two men travel through the night on a motorcycle, is loaded with highly charged eroticism. Sex and violence are juxtaposed against the drabness of the men's everyday lives, effectively blurring the line between what is real and what is fantasy. Founded on the well-known myth of furtive sexual gropers on the rush-hour Tokyo commuter trains, Tandem is a low-key masterpiece of Japanese Pink Cinema.

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Cheating Notes

This movie takes some work to figure out because it consists of flashbacks and the copy I've seen is a bit dark and so I have some trouble discerning the female actresses (there are more than two) from each other, but here goes.

The older guy and the younger guy meet in a cafe, become acquainted, and exchange sex stories. During their interaction, we see flashback scenes involving their partners cheating, among others. Some of the flashback scenes are the following.

4:03 - Older guy fingers a random chick on a train while she in turn gives him a handjob. At the same time, the younger guy rapes his live-in girlfriend (but she gives in eventually) after she reveals to him that she has a lover and wants to split. This revelation is found in a later scene. The lover she's talking about is not the older guy, but someone who is also young.

18:10 - The younger guy's girlfriend fucks her young lover. The guy is convincing her to leave her boyfriend.

37:22, 40:36 - The younger guy's girlfriend fucks her young lover again, divided into several scenes and interspersed with scenes of her boyfriend riding his bike with the older guy.

50:46 - The older guy's wife meets the younger guy on a train. She gropes his dick first, and this leads to them having sex in a hotel room. Meanwhile, the younger guy's girlfriend meets the older guy through some sort of a car deal and they also fuck.


Original / Other Title:  痴漢電車人妻篇 奥様は痴女

 Director:  Toshiki Sato

Genres: Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  31 March 1994

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