The City of Betrayal (2016) aka Uragiri no Machi
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 132 min | Year: 2016 |  Japan

42-year-old Hashimoto Tomoko is an ordinary housewife with an uneventful life. One day, she meets Sugawara Yuichi, a young man 15 years her junior who is a part-time worker. He has a girlfriend Suzuki Satomi who is cohabiting with him while she has her husband Koji. They are each aware of this and yet they have repeated rendezvous in a narrow street along the Chuo train line without clear intent and eventually sleep together. This is their escape from the never-ending emptiness of reality to fill the emotional void. However, an incident starts to sway Tomoko and Yuichi and what awaits them is an extremely cruel truth.

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Incomplete, the first half of the movie only. The wife and the young guy didn't have sex in this part yet but they did have an awkward first kiss after their date at 40:03.

Categories: Asia, Cheating, Cheating Wife

Original / Other Title:  裏切りの街, Uragiri no Machi

 Director:  Daisuke Miura

Genres: Drama

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  12 November 2016

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