The Diary (1999)
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The Diary
 95 min | Year: 1999 |  Germany France

Gorgeous Anna's (Lila Baumann) boyfriend leaves her and tells her to forget him. She is confused over him and eventually marries a rich man whose family opposes this marriage. She is happy but her ex-lover returns and wants her back.

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Cheating Notes

Oscar was Anna's boyfriend in school. During their cool-off periods, she had trysts with a couple of women. When Oscar traveled out of the country, he wrote to Anna, telling him that he won't return because his heart was on his humanitarian mission. So Anna married her suitor, rich heir Jeffrey. But Oscar did come back and when Jeffrey intercepted his letter to Anna which stated that he wanted to re-take her from Jeffrey, Jeffrey shot him and then he shot himself. Both men survived, but Jeffrey becomes wheelchair-bound (not permanent), and during this period, Anna had trysts with their two maids (1:06:56, 1:19:30, and 1:23:41). Jeffrey knew about the last one and even watched them.

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