The Other Side of the Bed (2002)
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 114 min | Year: 2002 |  Spain

When Paula leaves her boyfriend Pedro, he misses her and looks for comfort with their best friends, the live-in couple Javier and Sonia. Paula left Pedro because he's in love with and is having an affair with Javier. Pedro tries to find out who the secret lover of Paula is and hires a private eye. Meanwhile, while comforting Pedro, Sonia has a one-night stand with him and Javier thinks she is cheating on him with her lesbian friend Luzia.

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Cheating Notes

Paula dumps her boyfriend Pedro because she is having an affair and is in love with Javier, who, along with his live-in girlfriend Sonia, is a close friend of the couple's.

At 53:10, Sonia comforts Pedro for getting dumped and then flirts with him and seduces him leading to a one-night stand. The seduction is very hot. Maybe because I wasn't expecting it since she doesn't look like the slutty, cheating type and seems to love Javier very much and is loyal to him based on her scenes with him.

First, Sonia tells Pedro that Javier shouldn't be setting up women for him because he is handsome and can get any women he wants by himself. When he says that only a few women are attracted to him and proceeds to mention a few names, Sonia adds her name to the names he enumerated and glances meaningfully at him.

Sonia then removes her jacket to reveal a sleeveless top with a low neckline, displaying a lot of her cleavage, and then tells Pedro to pretend that she is Paula and tell her what he wants to tell his ex-girlfriend. Their little roleplaying includes Sonia taking Pedro's hand and putting it on her bare chest. They proceed to sit on the couch, where Sonia slowly but surely attempts to kiss Pedro, who is kind of hesitant because Javier is his friend. Finally, they kiss and have implied sex.

After sex and before Sonia leaves Pedro's place, they make out and she tells him not to worry about what happened because these things happen and Javier won't find out about it.

At 1:06:54, Sonia and Pedro have an after-sex dialog and petting session in bed. She is half-naked here, a.k.a. we see her boobs.

Paula is also quite something as a cheating girlfriend, so just watch the movie (subtitles are required!) to see her scenes.

Both cheating girlfriends are hot. Note, I thought at first that Sonia is married to Javier, but the subtitles at 1:06:00, says otherwise, as Javier refers to her as his girlfriend ("My girlfriend is a lesbian"). If you think this is inaccurate, please let me know.

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Original / Other Title:  El otro lado de la cama

 Director:  Emilio Martínez Lázaro

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country:   Spain
Language:  Spanish
Release Date:  27 April 2002

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