The Taste of an Affair
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 74 min | Year: 2014 |  South Korea

Yong-min was a playboy who was loved by every woman. He had a woman named Tae-yeon whom he loved. However she breaks up with him due to his playboy habits and there is a rough quarrel in the process which leaves Yong-min blind. He meets and marries a woman named Soo-ae but he's lost all sexual desires along with his sight so it's hard to maintain a good marriage with her. Then one day Ho-yeong and Soo-jeong move in next to them and Soo-ae feels a kind of adoration for Ho-yeong...

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Cheating Notes

The wife Soo-ae first meets the new couple next door when they knock on her door early in the morning (at 17:15 min). She has first cheating sex with the neighbor husband when he helps her carry some items to her home (starting at 28:00 min).

One time, Soo-ae, her husband and the neighbor husband are watching TV in the living room (49:37 min). Initially, Soo-ae is sitting beside her husband and her arm is around his. But when he falls asleep, she moves to the other side of the couch to sit closer to her neighbor. She holds his hand and guides it towards her naked thigh. He starts fingering her pussy and they proceed to have sex beside her sleeping husband.

Soo-ae's husband is blind by the way, so maybe that's what really emboldened her to fuck her neighbor beside him, taking all her clothes off at that, and not the fact that he is sleeping, because... what if he suddenly wakes up?

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Original / Other Title:  불륜의 맛, The Temptation Of Infidelity

 Director:  Lee Se-il

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  27 March 2014

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