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R  97 min | Year: 2018 |  United States of America

Betrayal hurts. Jealousy kills.

A couple spends a weekend at a vacation rental home in the Italian countryside in an attempt to repair their relationship, but soon become victims of the homeowner's sinister plans.

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Cheating Notes

Cassie: This relationship is broken.

Bryan: No, it broke when you let some other guy's dick inside of you.

Cassie fucked her co-worker and got caught by her boyfriend Bryan

In a couple of flashback scenes, we see Cassie (Emily Ratajkowski) getting fucked by her co-worker, Justin, on the stairs of a building. It seems that it happened when Justin took her home after a night of drinking. Bryan, her boyfriend, caught them, and now he can't even fuck her because flashbacks of that night comes back to him when he tries to.

Justin seems to be the asshole-type, based on the couple's conversation and on what he looks like in the flashback scenes, the type that makes honest girlfriends wet their panties and cheat on their regular nice guy boyfriends.

Cassie defends herself by saying that their sex only lasted two minutes. Well Cassie, maybe that's because Bryan caught you? Maybe it would have went on far longer than that if you weren't interrupted?  (Note: not sure if Bryan really caught them in the act as there were no confrontational scenes between him and Justin in the flashback scenes, but why would he see visions of them fucking if he didn't? Maybe he had just imagined a version of the scenario in his mind? Also, maybe he was too afraid of the alpha-type Justin to make a move and just stood back and did nothing. In that case, Cassie would be accurate about the length. )

Cassie also tells Bryan that she was so drunk that night that she couldn't even see straight, that's why the sex between her and Justin happened, but then adds that she was sober enough in the car (where she and Bryan probably talked after he caught her) to realize what she'd done. Did you see what she did there? "Oh I was shit-eyed drunk and therefore not too conscious when I was fucking Justin. But yah, I got sober enough and was very conscious when we talked in the car after that."

Cassie continues to justify her cheating by telling Bryan that she had been shooting down Justin's advances for a few weeks before they fucked, that she and Bryan were fighting, and that Justin offered to be a shoulder to cry on. Sure, you may have been shooting down Justin's advances Cassie, but you were still talking to him, weren't you? Frequent enough for him to see an opening and offer his shoulder (and dick) to you? As Bryan said during their argument, you, Cassie, have an incredible ability to make friends with assholes (of the attractive sort).

Bryan tells Cassie that he knows that Justin is still calling her, because last night, he saw that she had a missed call from Justin. He accuses her that it wasn't her mom last night who called her (he's probably referring to a different call here that Cassie took but either I missed that scene or it isn't shown).

Cassie becomes defensive and asks Bryan if he went through her phone. He asks her straight if she is still fucking Justin. She doesn't answer but tells him that "their relationship is broken". Bryan replied, "No. It broke when you let some other guy's dick inside of you." Cassie cries and walks away. Now it isn't really answered  if she is still fucking Justin until now. Not anymore, according to her, of course, but I'm really curious if she still does.

Cassie starts making love to someone she thinks is her boyfriend

So let's go forward to the present. The couple is now in the villa and meets Federico, another asshole-type attractive guy but leaning a bit on the creepy. Cassie meets him when she gets injured while taking a morning jog. He helps her with her injury and drives her home. He gives her a kiss on the cheek upon dropping her and says it's what Italians do.

Pretty soon, Federico causes friction between the couple, mostly because of Bryan getting wary, since Cassie demonstrates her ability again to make friends with asshole-ish, attractive types of men. Well, cut her some slack Bryan. Your girlfriend is hot so assholes will tend to gravitate around her even without too much effort on her part. Cassie can't tell Federico to go away outright because according to her, "he's nice". Are you sure that's it, Cassie? Or you really just can't help gravitating towards attractive assholes yourself?

In the movie's climactic night, Federico manages to lock Bryan in the wine cellar, then leaves a note for Cassie, telling her to wear the sexy two-piece underwear and the blindfold on the bed alongside the note. Cassie obliges, thinking that the note is from Bryan. After she puts on the underwear and covers her eyes with the blindfold, she calls Bryan to come inside the bedroom.

Federico comes in, doesn't say a word, and starts making love to Cassie on the bed. He even wears Bryan's cologne to fool her. He licks and kisses her body and she responds with moans and sometimes laughs because of the tickling sensation.

At one point, it would seem that Federico is licking Cassie's pussy, and I would like to assume that he is, but it's just that the actress may have set her limits regarding sex scenes, so what we get is a shot of him licking her crotch area that looks ridiculous because she still has her panties on. Earlier, he is shown to be pulling her panties down but for some reason, they come back up again in the suceeding scene.

Federico turns Cassie's body around and pounds her from behind. Only her face is shown in this scene, rocking back and forth to signify that she is receiving Federico's thrusts on her ass. That, couple with her moaning, makes me assume that he has penetrated her and is sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

Sadly, in the next scene, we see that her damn panties are still on. With Federico also not having taken his clothes off, it means that he might not have really penetrated her, unless he moved the bottom portion of her panties aside to expose her vag and make way for his dick. Yeah, I think I would like to imagine that it went that way. I mean, this exact moment where she moans while her head rocks forward and back is very sexy for me because of the assumption that she got penetrated from behind by someone who isn't her boyfriend. It's probably what's in the original script, too. And to see that it doesn't happen that way because the actress, I assume, has reservations is a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, it's still a sexy scene for me.

Federico gets off Cassie when he hears some noises made by Bryan who has found a way out of the wine cellar. She is still lying face down. and her panties are still on. Her bra is unhooked but still covering her breasts, but I guess it's safe to assume (or imagine) that Federico was able to insert his hands underneath them from the sides and caress and squeeze her titties during their lovemaking.

Apparently, the whole thing is videotaped, and a few minutes later, Bryan comes across the tape being played in the living room and he gets to see his girlfriend making love to another man... again.

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