Totoy Mola (1997) aka Totoy the Mule
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 104 min | Year: 1997 |  Philippines

He was already different even before he was born. His eccentric mother took fancy on horses during her conception, and this led to him being born greatly endowed. As he grew up, he became the object of people's curiosity. But the moment he became a full grown man, his strange physical endowment turned him into an object of desire. Girls and even gays fell under his incredibly wild sex appeal, and he got himself the reputation of being a ladies' man. Until he met the woman who would change his life forever.

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Cheating Notes

25:40 Totoy starts having sex with his girlfriend but her maid interrupts them.

43:39 Totoy's neighbor Auring, whose husband is working abroad, gets in line next to him at a queue in a public well to fetch water. She seduces Totoy by pouring water on her body, making her tits poke through the thin material of her shirt.

45:25 Totoy crashes at the place of the lesbian couple, Gigi and Cindy. One day, Cindy tries to cheat on Gigi with Totoy. She kisses him but he pulls away, not wanting to hurt Gigi. When the two girls break up later, Totoy fucks Gigi (52:18).

1:14:16 Totoy gets beaten up and Auring nurses him back to health.

1:16:37 Auring goes to Totoy's place next door and starts making out with him. The door is left open so their nosy neighbors see them. Totoy ravages Auring's breasts on the stairs then the scene shifts to Auring's husband walking towards their house. He just came home from his work abroad. Then, the scene shifts again to Auring and Totoy but it seems that they are done having sex and are just lying together in bed at Auring's place. Auring's husband knocks on the door so Totoy bolts out of the window. Although Auring's husband doesn't catch her lover, testimonies from their neighbors are enough for him to leave her, taking with him their baby.

1:20:44 With her husband out of the way, Auring has proper sex with Totoy. We see their sex scene this time, which is great.

1:28:22 Totoy fucks Gigi, which causes Auring to get mad.

1:36:46 Auring cuts Totoy's dick off with a razor. LOL.

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Original / Other Title:  Totoy Mola

 Director:  Abbo De La Cruz

Genres: Romance, Comedy

Country:   Philippines
Release Date:  1 January 1997

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