What the Peeper Saw (1972)
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R  89 min | Year: 1972 |  Italy United Kingdom

What he saw is what he did.

A wealthy author's second wife begins to suspect that her 12-year old stepson may have murdered his mother, who mysteriously died in a bathtub accident.

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Cheating Notes

07:37 - Stepson cups the wife's (his stepmom's) breasts from behind in the bathroom. She's not naked.
15:40 - Wife has sex with her husband.
1:02:55 - Wife undresses in front of her stepson in exchange for information. She takes off one article of clothing per question, removing her bra and panties last.
1:28:06 - Wife dreams of having sex with her stepson.
1:33:55 - Wife kisses her stepson on the lips.

M4uhd.tv (A bit cut, breast-fondling scene is cut, in English audio, better quality)

Noodlemagazine.com (Uncut, lower quality, partial English audio. The timings above are based on this stream)

Original / Other Title:  La tua presenza nuda!, Night Child

 Director:  Andrea Bianchi, James Kelley

Genres: Horror, Drama, Thriller

Country:   Italy United Kingdom
Language:  English, Italian
Release Date:  14 October 1972

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