White Girl (2016)
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 88 min | Year: 2016 |  United States of America

Summer, New York City. A college girl falls hard for a guy she just met. After a night of partying goes wrong, she goes to wild extremes to get him back.

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Cheating Notes

Leah has sex with her boss Kelly in his office after he lets her do a line of coke on his desk (7:10).

Leah moves to a new place with her female friend. She hooks up with her new neighbor Blue, a pusher. They have sex up against a wall (16:23) and in the car (30:16). They basically become a couple.

Blue gets arrested. Leah makes out with a random guy in a bar while selling Blue's supply of coke around (50:30).

After visiting Blue and telling him that she wants to fuck him so hard, Leah fucks her boss Kelly on the couch HARD (57:42). She rides his dick and moans passionately.

Leah goes topless in a club and makes out with Alexa, a co-worker who has a sexual affair with Kelly (1:00:12). She makes out and pets heavily with Kelly and Alexa in a more private part of the bar. She puts coke on Kelly's dick before sucking it. Their threesome petting session ends when she passes out.

Leah lets the lawyer she hired for Blue fuck her from behind on the couch as payment for his service because she lost the capability to pay him with money (1:11:56).


Nice, especially the part where Leah fucked her boss hard after telling her boyfriend in jail that she wanted to fuck him hard.


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