Young Sister-In-Law 3 (2017)
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 81 min | Year: 2017 |  South Korea

Yong-chul and his girlfriend work in the same office but since their company prohibits relationships among employees, they keep it a secret. One day, Hyung-gu, a senior of Yong-chul, contacts him and asks a favor from him to hire his young wife, Su-young. He grants his request and a few days later, Su-young goes to work at Yong-chul's company. Things develop between Yong-chul and Su-young which leads to them making love in the office.

To thank Yong-chul, Hyung-gu invites him and his girlfriend to their home. They have a drink and the invited couple stays for the night. While their spouses are sleeping, Yong-chul and Hyung-gu's wife Su-young make love in the living room. Meanwhile, Young-chul's girlfriend gets up and goes to the bathroom to pee. When she comes back, she accidentally enters Hyung-gu's bedroom, lays beside him, and this leads to them making love too. When Su-young is finished making love with Yong-chul, she comes back to their bedroom and catches her husband and Yong-chul's girlfriend in the act. What will happen to the two couples after this night?

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Original / Other Title:  어린 형수 3

 Director:  Choi Woo-seong
 Stars:  Kim In-ae, Se Ah

Country:   South Korea
Language:  Korean
Release Date:  5 December 2017

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