YuZZZ (TV Mini Series) (2022)
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 45 min | Year: 2022 |  Russia

Rostov-on-Don, our days. In one of the working-class residential areas in the south–west of the city, christened by residents of the "SouthWest", life is in full swing - a local group of young guys is constantly measuring strength with peers from the "thug" center, well, the adult "owners" of the districts are turning over more serious matters. Ravil is a young programmer living on the South. After graduating from college, the guy dreams of going to the USA and doing what he loves there. While waiting for the grant, Ravil moonlights as a courier. However, the young romantic is attracted by the temptation of fast criminal money. In order to realize the cherished dream of another life and win the heart of a young beauty from the rich area, Ravil steps on a slippery path.

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Cheating Notes

Episode 1

13:48 Lena, Ravil's girlfriend whom he really doesn't care about,  sits on a guy's lap at a party while making out with him. Maybe to make Ravil jealous? If that's the case, it works because Ravil pulls her off the guy's lap, takes her to the bathroom and bangs her. Non-nude.

Episode 2

15:45 - At a basement parking, Polina, wife of crime boss Volodya, puts her shopping bags in her car's trunk but proceeds to get into the car of Pasha, her husband's right-hand guy. Apparently, she is having an affair with him. They take a long ride to a place by the beach and have sex there. Her tits take a peek in a few frames.

21:40 - Polina and Pasha kiss on a towel at the beach.

42:05 - Polina has sex with her husband on the dining table. Even though she is cheating on him, she still gives him passionate sex. Non-nude.

Episode 4

28:09 - Ravil has sex with Elya, his new girlfriend who is from a wealthy family, headed by the crime boss Koka. It's not a cheating scene but Elya gets naked.

Episode 5

38:35 - Ravil and Elya have sex again and she also gets naked here.

42:17 - Rival crime boss Koka shows Volodya a video of his wife Polina and his right-hand guy Pasha frolicking on the beach.

Original / Other Title:  ЮЗЗЗ, SWWW

 Director:  Stas Ivanov

Genres: Drama, Crime

Country:   Russia
Language:  Russian
Release Date:  22 May 2022

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