Full Contact

Full Contact (1992)


Set in Bangkok, this film stars Chow Yun-Fat as Jeff, a bouncer at a nightclub who rescues his friend Sam (Anthony Wong) from a beating by the loan-shark Hung. To pay back the money Sam owes, they agree to go in on a robbery with Sam’s cousin, Judge (Simon Yam), a particularly stylish and vicious gangster, along with a couple of his gang members, a super-sexually charged vixen, ironically named Virgin (Bonnie Fu), and her […]

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Hidden Passion


There is hidden passion galore as a plain middle aged house wife looks after her wheel chair bound husband who has lost interest in sex. Her young slutty niece, who dresses provocatively wearing thigh high boots, comes to stay with them. There is a nerdy young neighbour who lusts after our Mrs Robinson and of course the ubiquitous local shop keeper who lusts after our young hero for some unknown reason and is a chunky […]