10th Command Season 1 Episode 2: Wine of Guilt (2004) aka 10i entoli S1 E02
4 (8)

 45 min | Year: 2004 |  Greece

Achilles and Niki, married for years, live a boring, conservative life until they take in a tenant, Takis. Niki starts an affair with the new guy. She starts putting sleeping pills on Achille's wine during dinner so that she can make love to Takis, and sometimes they even do it beside him. But that's not the only thing that Takis does. Apparently, he also rapes Achilles and fucks him in the ass while he sleeps. When Achilles consults a doctor and discovers this, he pretends to drink the laced wine that Niki gives her one night. And while acting like he's in a deep sleep, he experiences his wife and Takis having sex beside him. His first thought is to kill them both, but he is not a murderer. So he carefully and methodically starts planning his revenge on the two lovebirds without directly killing them himself.

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Original / Other Title:  10i entoli / 10η εντολή Season 1 Episode 2, Oikos enohis

 Director:  Panos Kokkinopoulos

Country:   Greece
Language:  Greek
Release Date:  6 October 2004


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