Afternoon Affair: Rear Window (1972)
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 74 min | Year: 1972 |  Japan

For a girl who works in a 3rd rate bar, Ayuko is full of vanity. Nomura, her patron, is besotted by her and it is their habit that they cannot reach a climax unless they peek at a couple, across the way, making love. Intent on climbing up in the world, Ayuko uses all her wiles to get her patron, who is putty in her hands, to move her from her grubby apartment house to a dreamboat of a place. She then tries to find a place to work more befitting her new home but all the elite night clubs will have nothing to do with her and with time heavy on her hands, the devil finds mischief for idle hands to do.

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Cheating Notes

Ayuko and her patron peek at the couple having sex in the posh apartment building across Ayuko's place (1:46). Apparently, the couple they were watching is the married Chie and her lover, not her husband. Later Ayuko transfers to the same building, courtesy of her patron.

Ayuko bangs her ex-boyfriend from high school (25:57).

Ayuko, while with her ex-boyfriend, encounters Chie and her lover in the hallway. Chie later comes to her place and tells her not to tell her husband about her lover.

Ayuko has sex with her ex-boyfriend (38:15).

Ayuko's ex-boyfriend asks for money from her. When her patron doesn't want to give her some, she blackmails Chie. Chie goes to her banker to give her money without telling her husband. The banker asks to fuck her first before he will give her some (52:20).

Ayuko blackmails another guy who she saw was fucking his secretary earlier. He doesn't give in because he's single. Instead, he offers her something else: to have sex with his friend in exchange for money. Ayuko agrees and fucks the guy's friend while the guy and his chick also fucks in the adjoining room, with an open door between them (58:39).

Still short of money, Ayuko blackmails Chie again and tells her to have sex in exchange for money like her. She reluctantly agrees, and each of them fuck a client in the two adjoining rooms (1:03:44).

Someone takes photos of Ayuko fucking her ex-boyfriend and shows them to her patron.


An interesting and sexy one. I like the wife's scenes more. (with English subtitles, or try searching in the torrents)

Original / Other Title:  昼下りの情事 裏窓, The Now Girl

 Director:  Shōgorō Nishimura

Genres: Romance, Thriller

Country:   Japan
Language:  Japanese
Release Date:  18 November 1972

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