As Feras (1995) aka The Beasts
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 102 min | Year: 1995 |  Brazil

Paulo has a strange relationship with his cousin Sônia, whom he loves since childhood. But she despises him and, being in love with another woman, causes a lot of humiliating situations to him.

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Cheating Notes

It seems that the chubby guy character reluctantly allowed his girlfriend to have a lesbian relationship with a chick they met at a party (56:12). He watches them have sex (1:01:58). But eventually, he and his girlfriend begin having arguments, and at 1:41:38, he finds her having sex with the chick without him and confronts them. But the chick hits his balls with nunchucks so he has to sit on the side to nurse his balls while the chick caresses and kisses his girlfriend on her lap.

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