Bawal mahalin, bawal ibigin (1997)
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 87 min | Year: 1997 |  Philippines

Manuel, an overseas worker, comes home to his wife and starts an auto shop business with his best friend. One night, after a bout of drinking, something happens between his wife and his best friend...

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Cheating Notes

The husband gets pissed drunk and has to be carried home by his best friend (38:14). His best friend carries him all the way to his bedroom where his wife is already lying on the bed. The best friend then forces himself on the wife, threatening her with a knife. She resists and cries initially, but she gives in and looks to be enjoying their lovemaking by the side of the bed, where her husband is sleeping soundly. The sex scene is brief and non-nude: either the camera is focused above the shoulders or the guy's body is covering the wife's.

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