Black Candles (1982)
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Black Candles
NR  84 min | Year: 1982 |  Spain

A young woman travels with her boyfriend to England on the unexpected death of her brother. Staying with her sister-in-law, she finds her boyfriend soon drawn into a satanic cult based in the house whose rites seem to center somewhat on large-scale sexual congress.

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Cheating Notes

Two members of the cult are a farmer and his wife, with the farmer being the reluctant member. The wife is having an affair with the young farmhand and she also has a heavy petting session with a young woman (27:33) just before the young woman gets fucked by a goat in their cult ritual later.

At 1:04:30, the wife has sex with her husband, and when he cums early and she isn't able to, she calls in the farmhand and lets him fuck her beside her husband on the bed.

As to the main character and her boyfriend. Well, I guess he is sharing her when he lets the cult members fuck her.

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