West (2007)


Pete and Jerry are cousins and best friends living in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, where life consists of drinking, getting stoned, getting in fights and hanging out. But things change forever when Pete and Jerry both fall in love with the same girl, Cheryl. First, she becomes Jerry’s girlfriend, then she begins an affair with Pete.

A Beautiful Wife (2007)

November 10, 2023

Mariano has been married for 10 years with Miranda, a woman way out of his league. Their small-town life is disrupted by womanizing photographer Andrea, who — struck by her good looks — offers Miranda a one-time nude modelling job. Albeit hesitant, the couple eventually accepts his invitation to the Seychelles… This leads to an affair between Miranda and Andrea.

Student Teacher: Gang Rape (2007)


An intern in a private school discovers that a group of her students has a video of her married neighbor having sex with her lover and uses it to solicit sex favors from her. No one is doing anything about it so she, without telling her boyfriend of her whole plan, sets herself up to be gang raped by the students so that she can use the resulting videotape as evidence to put them in jail.