A Serious Game (2016)


A journalist and a painter’s daughter fall in love with each other. His ambition stands in the way of marriage and the love slips away. A decade has passed since they first set eyes on each other. Now both are married. Yet not with each other. They meet again and end up having an affair.

Tríada (2016)


Painter Julia meets bar manager Matias and becomes his girlfriend, but as an artist, she gets drawn to his best friend Rodrigo, who is a stage actor. When Rodrigo comes over to critique her painting and makes a move to kiss her, she couldn’t resist and she kisses back and makes love to him.

Married Made (2016)

March 8, 2021

Michiru is a housewife whose husband is Akio, a public servant. She is a maid who works at the home of Kunio Harashima, the president of a conglomerate who has retired from his current job. Although Michiru and Akio are still having sex, it’s not what it used to be and they don’t even take off their clothes anymore when they do it. Akio and Michiru are confused because they cannot understand their feelings whether […]